clocktower, hawthorn arts centre

The clocktower is the culmination of a flamboyant Second Empire façade with porte cochere and podium having borne witness to many a municipal celebration. The town hall was designed by Architect John Beswicke and built between 1888-1889.  Over the years the maintenance programme has not always been restorative: wrought-iron work allowed to corrode, raw leadwork having been painted, window frames and dormers subject to a multitude of colour schemes and even the decorative slatework painted institutional grey to conceal its decorative array. The works were extensive including full restoration of the steel clock framing and hands with reinstatement of back-painted glazing, reconstruction of the badly corroded cast iron balustrade, reinstatement of the orbs crowning the tower as well as to the façade, replacement of the slate to the original pattern, replacement of sill coverings and lead cappings where required, repainting of masonry and window framing, as well as re-glazing.

photographer: Peter Bennetts