princes hill house

One of a row of ten identical Heritage Victoria registered terraces constructed by the owner’s ancestor-builder Jurtus Wombach between 1889-1894, its extension and refurbishment offered an opportunity to both engage with the past and continue its legacy. The brief for a two storey extension challenged Heritage Victoria’s requirement that works not exceed the existing single storey roofline, but through operating design levers of roof volume, slope and excavation, a second storey bedroom suite arose over a complex of living spaces that engaged the external garden as one. Formally a physical caesura separates the heritage dwelling from the zinc and porcelain extension while the in-situ concrete plinth with charcoal volumes finds rapport with the heritage composition. A juxtaposition of steel plates and opening glazed panes connects the interior with the terraced garden while simultaneously affording protection from the elements.

photographer: Dianna Snape