st.margarets eltham

A disparate cluster of heritage structures set amongst a copse of exotic and indigenous trees provide the setting for an extension to St.Margaret’s worship space and parish centre.  The church was designed by Nathaniel Billing and built in 1861, closely followed by the old vicarage in the 1870s, and then a century later in 1978 by the intriguing mud brick parish hall designed by Robert Marshall. The church and vicarage are both registered by Heritage Victoria which required a heritage permit for the proposed works.  The extension has been designed to express a rapport to the polychromatic church through its form and textural materiality while respecting the vicarage.  In addition, the internal timber ceiling and roof structure of the church have been restored, floor raised to that of the parish centre, with new lighting and heating as well as installation of handrails to the traditional entry.

photographer: Trevor Mein