st. margaret’s, eltham

A black cantilevered canopy reaches out over the glazed entry between the church’s striking polychromatic brickwork and the uneven rendered mudbricks of the parish hall, welcoming parishioners and visitors alike to St. Margaret’s. This project stitched together the disparate components of the church into one complex, refurbished the hall with new kitchen and toilets, and fulfilled the original architect’s vision of an extended worship space. Both the original church and the old vicarage are registered by Heritage Victoria requiring the additions to be discrete from the street and demonstrate a rapport with the mid-nineteenth century structures. The worship space has been designed to operate in both a traditional axial seating configuration as well as a more contemporary horseshoe seating array. Modulated bays re-interpret the church’s tectonic rhythm, establishing a distinctive character with new liturgical and spatial opportunities for the worship space within.